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The German Randomized Endovascular Aneurysm Trial – “GREAT” is a multicenter randomized control study which was developed to evaluate the efficacy of HydroSoft coils versus Platinum coils in the treatment of intracranial aneurysms.
The HydroSoft coil (Microvention-Terumo) was developed as a finishing coil as well as for small and ruptured aneurysms. Clinical data will be collected to evaluate the safety and efficacy and long term outcomes using the HydroSoft coil. This study will be a comparison study to the other randomized control studies; HELPS and the ongoing PRET study. 
The GREAT was designed for a very specific cohort of aneurysms measuring 4-12mm in diameter. The GREAT study aims to enlist 10-12 centers over a 2 year period with recruitment of 300 total patients randomized to either HydroSoft arm or platinum arm. The study will measure packing density, coil length deployed, safety and clinical outcomes at 6 and 18 months.
The GREAT study is being conducted by Dr. Christian Taschner of Freiburg University Hospital



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